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Blue:  your favorite, ice-cold blue raspberry drink with a hint of strawberry.

Blue Iced: favorite, ice-cold, blue raspberry drink with a hint of strawberry and a cool menthol blast. 

Blue Lemons: an ice-cold, blue raspberry and strawberry drink blended with lemonade.

Blue Tropical: a refreshing tropical drink flavored with sweet strawberries and mystical blue raspberries blended together.

Ki Berry: a delicious tropical blend of sweet strawberries balanced with a hint of slightly tart kiwi. 

Krunchy Squares: our favorite square cereal with a hint of cinnamon all drenched in ice cold milk. 

Nilla: a refreshing blend of milk and rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of almond nuttiness.

Spiced Apple:  freshly baked apple cider circular ring coated in cinnamon and sugar. 

Strawberry M: a smooth and delicious blend of juicy strawberries and milk.

Tropical Blast: An exotic guava juice blended with a blast of tropical fruits.

Vanilla Twist: a delightful rendition of your favorite birthday food blended to perfection with milky vanilla creme.