Our Story

Back in 2013 Tyler and Lindsey came to Peace River with our 5th wheel camper to wor on the Shell Carmon Creek project as heavy equipment operators. At this time we were living and working out of our 5th wheel all over Alberta on various oilfield projects. Several months later oil prices began to slump and work was becoming increasingly hard to find. So in order to get by we decided to remain living in in our 41ft camper until our situation improved. Then along came our first child and then the second. By 2016 Tyler was struggling to maintain a consistent enough income to keep the bills paid.

We began to consider more ways to maintain a steady income because at this point work in the oilfield was far too sporadic. Tyler had recently started vaping and notices there was a significant demand for vaping products but the nearest vape shops, other than a small one in Manning, were in Grande Prairie almost 200kms away. So Tyler had a the crazy idea to start a vaping business out of the back of our 5th wheel to make some extra cash considering the potential of growing it into an online and Brick & Mortar Vape shop. He decided to call it Freedom Fog because to him vaping meant the freedom for people to get their nicotine without inhaling tobacco smoke and the new business would mean, for our family, freedom from solely depending on sporadic income to make ends meet. The intent was to serve vapers in Peace River and surrounding communities like Grimshaw, Manning, Falher, Fairview, and maybe even capture some customers further away in place like Grande Prairie, Valley View, Fox Creek, White Court, Slave Lake, High Level, High Prairie, Slave Lake and Athabasca Via the online store.

 The initial response was extremely positive we could barely keep up with the demand. Who would have thought that folks would come buy their vape gear from someone out of a camper? Soon enough we were able to move into a house and move Freedom Fog into our garage. Soon we were seeing at times 20 people coming to our house per day. this really got on the nerves of our neighbors and the town office. So in order to continue the business we had to take the plunge move it into a licensed B&M Store. This presented us with a challenge because by now we had 3 children under 5 years old. How would we possibly operate a vape shop and afford daycare? 

The Best solution we could come up with, although not totally optimal, was to find a space that had a sizeable room for the kids to hang out in while we worked in the store. the most suitable spot we found was an old lawyers office in the upstairs of the Subway building. it needed extensive renovations in order to be suitable for a retail space. It was not totally ideal but doable. It took about a month of hard work and lots of help from friends but eventually we were able to open Peace Rivers first real vape shop! We soon began to employ 2 people so Tyler could still run heavy equipment in oilfields nearby and Lindsey could make sure the kids get to and from school, dance and hockey. he are so proud to have this business and so thankful to our loyal customers who have supported us right from the beginning.