Jose L. Piedra Minis

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One of the oldest value-priced marcas is José L. Piedra which was founded by José Lamadrid Piedra and his brother Vincente in the 1880s. Originally a long filler cigar, the brand was rolled in a small factory in the town of Santa Clara, which is located in the Vuelta Abaja region of Cuba. However, after the Cuban revolution, the marca lost favor with the new leaders of the country until it was discontinued entirely in the early 1990’s.

In 1996, the José L. Piedra brand was relaunched, this time as a line full of lower-priced cigars produced in large quantities.

Sold individually. Tobacco Tax is included in the price. We cannot guarantee your cigar will arrive safely if you choose to order and have it shipped but if you choose to purchase a Humidi bag, we will package it in there to help preserve the proper humidity level and provide an additional layer of protection.