Lemon Drop Ice

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Lineup of Iced Lemon flavours from the DROP series by Canada Vape Lab.


BLACK CURRENT:  Exotic black currant lemonade with a frosty finish.

BLOOD ORANGE:  A zesty fresh squeeze of blood orange splashed with lemonade and chilled to the max.

 BLUEBERRY:  Tart blueberries and lemon poured over ice. 

 BLUE RASPBERRY:  Blue raspberry ice brings all the flavour of the original blue raspberry lemonade and blends in an icy kick to keep you staying frosty. 

 DOUBLE LEMON:  A double hit of classic lemonade with an icy exhale. 

GRAPE:  Sweet purple grape and sour lemon chilled to perfection 

GREEN APPLE:  Tangy green apple with a splash of lemonade iced up for that hot summer heat. 

MANGO:  Sweet mango mixed with tart lemon then chilled to perfection.

 PEACH:  A perfect blend of fresh peach nectar and sour lemonade now served up over a tall glass of ice.  

PINEAPPLE:  Zesty pineapple and lemon blended ice cold. 

PINK:  The classic flavour is back with this perfect balance of pink lemonade doused with a smooth chilled exhale.  

PUNCH:  The rainbow never tasted better than this new blend of classic red fruit punch lemonade now with a nice cold kick. 

WILD BERRY:  A secret blend of wild berries and a classic lemonade base is back and chilled to perfection.